Chez Olga - Taste The Caribbean Heat

The restaurant is located in the Eastown neighborhood of Grand Rapids, MI.  Get Directions   Call Ahead:  616.233.4141

We are open Mon - Thurs 11:00am - 9:00pm  Fri & Sat 11:00am - 10:00pm  •  Feeling social?   facebook twitter

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We cater events large and small and enjoy bringing the flavors of the Caribbean to you. See the catering menu for details. Experience the hospitality and family atmosphere of our eatery. You can book the entire restaurant for your next company event or gathering.

Book the restaurant for you next business gathering. Stop in or contact Olga for details.

Phone: 616-233-4141

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My Neighborhood

The Haitian earthquake of 2010 devestated a land that already struggled to provide for itself. Haiti has become dependent on foreign aid to supply everyday needs. This can't be the future. This is not a sustainable way of life.

I have a vision. To train and educate young people in Haiti and provide them with skills that will sustain them. I want to teach people to fish.

this is home...

It is not the hand who rocks the cradle that rules the world. It is the hand that holds the cook spoon.

I love to cook for people. To provide comfort and warmth and to share my hospitality with family and friends, old and new. Please, join us.